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Effortlessly attract new property damage leads on repeat using our Omnipresent Growth Framework

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Public Adjusters Dominate Their Local Market

Using our Omnipresent Growth Framework, we create marketing systems that consistently attract new residential and commercial property owners.

We've Worked With Public Adjusters Nationwide.

Implementing our Omni Growth Framework to grow their Firm.

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The Omnipresent Growth Framework

This 4-part framework was developed from partnering with some of the nations top performing Public Adjusters to solve the problem of qualified lead inconsistency. Using our “Omnipresent Growth Framework” we created inbound marketing systems that consistently attract new pre-qualified property damage leads.

- Get Found Locally

1. Revenue Focused Search Marketing

We pay attention to the activities that produce the right fit for your business. Our search marketing campaigns only focus on getting you traffic that has the highest probability of turning into a new claim.

- More Than Looks

2. Conversion Optimized Websites

Many websites, though visually stunning, often lack conversion power. We specialize in crafting high-converting WordPress websites that not only captivate but also drive sales, significantly impacting your business growth.

- Data Is Key

3. Messaging & Measurement

We enhance your positioning, offerings, and marketing message to captivate your local audience and drive action. Additionally, we establish comprehensive conversion tracking and performance reporting to measure the impact of our collaboration.

- Know.Like.Trust

4. Authority Building

Through establishing your online authority, we fortify your market position and make you the go to Public Adjuster. Your authority makes it easier for clients to KNOW, TRUST & LIKE you.

Latest Case Studies.

Found on Google for the first time ever.

Signed up $479k in just 4 months.

Revolutionize your marketing game with our custom client acquisition methods. Streamline your client communication, track leads, and automate workflows all in one platform. Say goodbye to scattered tools and hello to a more efficient and profitable Public Adjuster business!



The ultimate roadmap ($0 cost) to flawlessly create and launch a evergreen lead generation system, easily worth at least $20K - 33K. Proven to automatically attract and convert more property owners seeking your help— on autopilot.


Don't Take My Word For it; Have A Quick Listen

Elevate your Business by attracting new ideal clients to you every week that are requesting your expertise

Elevate your Business by attracting new ideal clients to you every week that are requesting your expertise

PA conversations about new leads from the Framework

151 calls in 6 months with our Framework:

Over 29,000 eyeballs on this south florida client using our Framework

70+ water damage leads for Florida PA in 6 months of using the Framework

Showed up in 428 Google searches in 4 months of using the Framework


AI Lead Generation

Unlock success for public adjusters, damage restoration, and remediation with AI-generated leads—precise targeting, dynamic engagement, and effortless conversion. Elevate your business game now

Automated Online Reviews

Transform your online reputation effortlessly with automated online reviews. Boost credibility, gather feedback, and shine with positive reviews. Elevate your brand's online presence seamlessly

Appointment Software

Revolutionize scheduling new clients on autopilot! Streamline bookings, enhance efficiency, and provide seamless client experiences. Maximize your business with precision

Automated AI Follow Up

Experience the future of client engagement with AI Follow-Up. Maximize leads, nurture relationships, and drive conversions effortlessly. Elevate your business with intelligent, automated follow-up solutions.

All In One Mailbox

Effortlessly manage client communication with our All-in-One Mailbox. Streamline interactions, respond promptly, and cultivate relationships seamlessly. Elevate your business with a unified, efficient communication hub for potential clients.

Powerful Database Activation

Seamlessly reconnect with dormant leads and customers, unlocking untapped opportunities for growth. Reignite your marketing strategy with our innovative solution, putting your data to work like never before.


We get it – you're on a mission to help people, but making serious cash is the ultimate goal. The twist? It's not just about mastering your craft; you've got to snag those lucrative claims too.

That's where we come in... Our tool demystifies the whole marketing game, letting you focus on what you do best – helping homeowners. No need to stress over it.

They didn't teach how to market for Property Damage Leads in school or during your certification. It's like they expect you to be a claims guru on top of being an adjusting/damage restoration wizard.

So, whether your property damage business hit a snag, reached a plateau, or you're just starting out and want to nail it from the start – you've struck gold. We're your go-to solution for turning your business into a cash cow! 🚀💪

Custom Pricing To Fit Your Goals




For emerging Property Damage Professionals just getting started who want to see growth

  • Done-For-You Lead Generation

  • Basic Follow-up

  • Support




For established Adjusters Ready to Maximize Leads 2 Clients with ease

  • Done-For-You Growth 24/7

  • AI Ads/ Lead Generation

  • Multi-Channel Follow up

  • Account Manager




Our Premier Service For All Things Digital Marketing Anytime To 3X Claims in 90 Days!

  • Full-Stack Digital Marketing

  • Full Ads Management / Tech

  • Custom Funnels / Site

  • Auto follow up AI CRM

  • Webchat Integration

  • Concierge Service/ Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so different about your system?

The counter-intuitive approach we created to lead generation and appointment setting that MoreClaims™ has developed resulting in a consistent flow of qualified leads and appointments for Property Damage Experts. All custom-built for you.

How long does it take to get leads coming in?

Once we connect to make sure it makes sense to work together. Our team is FAST! We can have your entire system built, Ads up and you sitting in the driver seat in less than 5 days. All with the goal to help you sign up more claims

How much does it cost?

Because everything we do at MoreClaims™ is custom to the client, we have a few options ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. It really just depends on what the business needs. Which is why we like to take the time and do a 1-on-1 to better understand your needs.

What Services Do You Offer?

Our system is fully "Done-for-you". We run ads on multiple platforms to get the best leads we can. We custom build out our LEAD system CRM with automation and AI to get your leads reaching to you calling asking for your help!

Is There Any Type Of Guarantee?

Absolutely! We want to earn your business with leads and quality service! So we provide a "No questions asked" guarantee that within the first 15 days of working with us, if you aren't happy with the level of service our team is providing or the quality of work isn't what was expected... You can request a refund.

Who's Behind MoreClaims?

Hey, my name is Twane!

Getting results & helping grow public adjusting businesses via my 4-part Omnipresent Growth Framework is what I do.

After working with service-based businesses and business professional since 2018, I’ve gained the experience necessary to know what activities create new client opportunities and what doesn’t.

Most of my clients understand that the path to successful business growth requires a predictable, reliable and measurable marketing system that consistently delivers new leads & opportunities, so you have the work (and confidence) to expand your team & grow your revenue.

Delivering these marketing systems and helping build demand for your services is what I do day in & day out at MORECLAIMS. If you’re looking to grow as a Public Adjuster and this sounds like something you’d like to know more about – click the button below.

There you can schedule your free Growth Consult where we can walk you through our unique Framework to see if it makes sense for your business.

Ready to start making predictable income?

We’ll show you the 4-part framework for more traffic, leads & claims.

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